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A lot of us living and visiting Olongapo wonder the purpose of our colored jeepneys and tricycles around the city. Well, do you know? Olongapo was the first in the Philippines to develop this Color Coding Scheme and was copied across the nation ever since.

Nearing the end of martial law in the 1980’s Olongapo was riddled with crimes. To help prepare Olongapo on a rapid development campaign, it is necessary to prioritize Peace and Order. From strict rules regarding garbage placement and schedule of collection, the city was on the right track on its massive development.

Olongapo Jeepneys Color Scheme

Copied across the Philippines – Olongapo City Colored Jeepneys

Of course new plans wasn’t met with no resistance, upon meeting the Transportation Council of Olongapo. They vehemently disagreed to the color coding but as the discussion went on they realized that it would not only benefit the transportation organization but the city itself.

The main reason for the Color Coding was Peace and Order, not only did the Transportation Franchisers was able to spot colorums but also in turn they were able to assist and report on going crimes that took place on their route. What’s intriguing is the City hall could monitor these activities across Olongapo and mind you this was during the 1980’s were in cellphones wasn’t even a thing back then.

What is behind the Color

Olongapo Blue Color Jeep
Olongapo Blue Jeepneys – Their route is from the heart of the City to the edge of Barangay Baretto on to Subic. Blue was their color representing the beautiful coast of Olongapo.
Olongapo Brown Color Jeep
Olongapo Brown Jeepneys – The route is from the new public market to the edge of barangay Cabalan. Brown for they represent the serene mountains of Olongapo.
Olongapo Green Color Jeep
Olongapo Green Jeepneys – The route is from Barangay Mabayuhan to the Olongapo City’s New Market. Green represents commerce and the fresh fruits and vegetables found at the Olongapo Markets.
Olongapo Orange Color
Olongapo Orange Jeepneys – The route is from Pag-Asa to barangay Gordon Heights. Orange represents two of the city’s main Jeepney Color Red and Yellow and goes in between their route thus the color orange (red and yellow).
Olongapo Cream Color Jeep
Olongapo Cream Jeepneys – The route is from barangay West Bajac-Bajac to Gordon Heights. Cream represents the sincerity of the people of
Olongapo and an inside joke was during the 1980’s because the Mayor was Mestizo.
Olongapo Red Color Jeep
Olongapo Red Jeepneys – The route is from Gordon Heights to the Main Gate of the Subic Naval Base. Red was the favorite color of Amelia Gordon who at there time as Mayor founded barangay Gordon Heights to primarily house the transients and Illegal settlers of Olongapo to give them a proper home.
Olongapo Yellow Color Jeep
Olongapo Yellow Jeepneys – The route is from the biggest barangay of Olongapo City, Sta. Rita, to the Main Gate of the Subic Naval Base. Yellow represents the Main Roads of Olongapo as the Color of the Pavement thus explains its route. Another inside joke was Yellow was easy to see for drunk service men so they could go back to work by easily spotting a yellow jeepney.

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