is a multipurpose meeting and sharing place for orderly community orientated people. For both Filipinos and foreigners who share likeminded ideas and visions – founded on maintaining a pro-clean attitude towards our surroundings and wider environment, following simple rules and laws, practicing common courtesy, preserving our history, and sharing basic Christian values and principals. Together we strive to bring the area we live-in up to world class standards.

morefunph Office Wall Head Quarters at Subic Bay Freeport Zone
The Greater Subic Bay
Greater Subic Bay and Olongapo Horizon

Our digital developers sought to create a cloud meeting place where community members can do anything. You can find something you couldn’t find before, perhaps become a followed writer, or showcase your aspiring photography skills…. you could just win stuff, almost anything. You can find other rank-trusted members to trade with, go mountain biking or sailing with.. or just make friends. You can contribute to discussions, ask questions, share information, or even write your own article and submit it for conversation. The only rule is to have more fun!

Additional to having fun – you can look for a job or advertise yourself, check our pool of local talent, list your property for sale or find one. Check on an awesome range of premium internet domain names, or find out what Navy ships are in our port and read about them. You can even find out what are all the developments going on around town that seemed so secret before. Get tips on what you can do locally for little or no money. If there is anything you can’t do on that you might want to, then please tell us. The community then decides.. if enough people also want it, then will add it.

 Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Greater Subic Bay and Olongapo Horizon

Our community knows that it is also critically important to preserve the History of Subic. Before was founded this was no-longer available either completely, or in any one safe place. The Olongapo town museum has recently been demolished, so our history has become further critically endangered. We crept closer and closer to losing a one single place we can pool our memories and information for eternal safe-keeping. Here at we encourage our members to contribute to our historical chronicles by writing and submitting your own memories and historical information for publishing. Furthermore you can submit your old paper photos that might be wasting away in a shoebox in the cupboard. They are at risk of being lost, flooded, or rotting and breaking down over time. Lets continue pool digital versions of them together for us all to preserve, share and enjoy.