Meet Ricardo’s Kittens and Marina’s Me-Mows!

Did you know that actor Ricardo Cepeda Go and his beautiful partner model Marina Benipayo are really animal lovers? ….and especially fond of cats!

Richard and Marina visited us at on the weekend and brought 3 beautiful little ones that we are in the process of finding homes..

WiN Ricardo Cepeda and Marina Benipayo
WiN Ambassadors Ricardo Cepeda and Marina Benipayo

First of the three is the sweetest little dark ‘mottled’ colour and really needy for affection. She snuggles in and tries to get hide under your arm or cuddle under your chin, like you can see her doing here with Ricardo. She is the quietest of the litter and we think she will make a really lovely pet and friend for life!

WiN Ricardo Cepeda
WiN Ambassador Ricardo Cepeda

The second one is particularly fond of Ricardo as you can see… what a character..! He has a sore eye we are treating, as Ric and Marina just rescued them on Sunday morning. Mostly white in colour and a cool black patch on his back. Ready to come home with you and give unconditional love for life.

WiN Ricardo Cepeda
WiN Ricardo Cepeda

The third but definitely not least is a real little sweetheart, that you can see Marina had a hard time letting this one go! She is white and ginger in colour and occasionally cries for some affection. Very cuddly and ready to bring joy into the home of a lucky person out there…. is that you?

WiN Marina Benipayo
WiN Marina Benipayo
Act NOW! Reserve your kitten here!

For more info about the kittens please text or call 09088188284


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