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Go Mountain Biking in Subic for an Experience That’s One for the Books

Mountain biking can be either a strenuous sport or a leisure activity. Hobbyists do it for the thrill of it, athletes do it to up their game, and enthusiasts do it to feed the adrenaline junkie in them. No matter how you see it, one thing is for sure: mountain biking is not for the fainthearted.

Behind the Scenes of Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking at Subic
Mountain Biking at Subic

Perhaps you have come across its definition on your high school textbook or saw some online articles about it. Maybe you have seen some videos uploaded on YouTube, but there is more to this sport than meets the eye.

If you haven’t tried to get your hands at this sport yet, you should know that basically, it is an extreme biking sport that’s not for the timid. Bundles of adrenaline flow through the arm-pumped veins of riders as they pedal their way to the destination, all because each bump on the road is a risk that must not be taken lightly.

When passing through each rough terrain, a rider can either play it smart or start to pray—it depends on the rider’s level of endurance, balance and core strength, bike-handling skills, and above all, self-reliance.

The Thrill of Mountain Biking

Down Hill Mountain Biking
Down Hill Mountain Biking, Subic Bay Trail

This breathtaking activity offers an unparalleled level of thrill, which you can only experience in extreme sports, like skydiving, free skiing, longboarding, rock climbing, and motocross. If the idea of getting some injuries down the road doesn’t stop you from hitting the trails, perhaps you have a potential of being a great rider.

If you don’t mind getting dirty (and by this, we mean getting mud stains all over your gear), you must be an extreme adventurer. If you can make it through every bump on the road and the wet patch on the trail, mountain biking for you will be a no-brainer.

The challenge, though, is picking the type of mountain biking that can satisfy your thirst for an adrenaline rush. You can opt for cross-country, Enduro, downhill, dirt jumping, four-cross, trials, or freeride, among others.

A Haven for Mountain Bikers

Haven for the Bikers
Haven for the Bikers

What makes this sport different from the usual road biking is involves rough terrains. This is where the Subic Bay Freeport Zone comes in. Blessed with panoramic mountain ranges covering its three sides, the area offers countless trails for mountain bikers to practice their craft and hone their skills.

It is no wonder why Subic Bay is one of the favorite hotspots of mountain bikers and is the triathlon paradise in the country. You can choose to take the trails with longer treks, steep technical descents, or high-incline climbs as you can find all these and more here.

Among the top choices of cyclists are the Pastolan trail, Cawag trail, T-Bag trail, Mt. Samat trail, and El Kabayo trail. With various levels of difficulty, these trails are open for both amateurs and hardcore mountain bikers, local and foreign alike.

What to Try in Subic

Blazing through Subic
Blazing through Subic

The most common types that you can try in the Subic and its surrounding areas are the Enduro and downhill. Often tagged as the most dangerous and extreme type, downhill mountain biking includes large jumps and drops of over three meters. The trails are generally steep from top to bottom.

For the Enduro, there is an equal amount of uphill and downhill. Only, organizers don’t count the duration of the uphill segment. The course usually takes an entire day to complete. Usually, there are also climbing sections that the riders need to reach within the given time.

As the above trails have been witnessing many riders come and go over the years, it is not hard to complete a trail, even for a novice cyclist. Just remember to wear your complete protective gears, avoid wet or sensitive trails, keep your speed to a minimum, and stay on the trail.

If anything goes wrong or if you need some help, remember that the locals in these areas are warm and friendly. I guess that’s the best part of the place—apart from the scenic views and exhilarating trails, the people are the most hospitable you’ll ever meet.

Zambales cops lead 300 bikers in ride for peaceful elections

More than 300 registered bikers from different cycling clubs here joined the event.

IBA, Zambales — Police officers in this province on Saturday led a unity ride of more than 300 bikers calling for the safe and peaceful conduct of the 2019 midterm elections.

The activity, dubbed as “Padyak Tayo for Hope 2019,” promoted awareness for honest, orderly, and peaceful elections, according to its organizers.

More than 300 registered bikers from different cycling clubs here joined the event.

There were also representatives from the President Ramon Magsaysay State University, the Department of Education, the Provincial Health Office, and local government units.

The bikers were led by personnel and staff officers of the Zambales Police Provincial Office.

The unity ride started at the People’s Park Capitol Grounds here and passed by the municipal hall and the Zambales Sports Complex before heading back to the People’s Park Capitol Grounds.


PRURide PH is back this 2019 —and it has bigger and grander events for amateurs, cycling enthusiasts, competitive bikers, and pros.

Following its success in previous years, British life insurer Pru Life UK is returning strong with PRURide PH 2019, this time expected to bring together more than 2,500 cyclists of various levels to 18 events spread out in 2 event legs. It’s literally for everyone—whatever kind of cycling you’re into and whatever level you’re currently on, PRURide has an event for you.

Last year, PRURide witnessed its youngest rider, 9-year-old Peter Rance Jr. finish the 50-kilometer (km) Gran Fondo with his family around the scenic Bataan route. And representing the Lolos of Manila is 70-year-old Cesar Abasolo, who completed the 100-km event.

But on the more competitive side, the elite races were won back-to-back by former national cycling team member Jan Paul Morales and 2015 Women’s Elite Individual Time Trial National Champion Jermyn Prado, awarding their grand slam with a total of P100,000.

PRURide PH 2019 is set to accomplish not only the same feats—but bigger. The festivities will happen in two legs: one in Alabang on April 7, and another in Subic on May 24 to 26.

PRURide Criterium – April 7

Whether you’re an athlete, an enthusiast, or a spectator, there’s something to look forward to at the first leg of the event happening in Filinvest City, Alabang. If you’re looking to stretch and flex those legs, check out the MTB Open or the Road Bike Open.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more fun and quirky, folding bike owners can join the Small Wheels Challenge, and kids can join the non-pedal Strider Cup.

Here is the list of the Criterium categories:

Fixed Gear
Road Bike 25 Below
Road Bike 26-34
Road Bike 35 and Above
MTB Female Open
MTB Male 25 and Below
MTB Male Open
Road Bike Open Female
Road Bike Open Male
Small Wheels Challenge
Registration is open until April 3 and can be accessed at

PRURide Subic 2019 – May 24-26

Expect big and challenging rides at the various PRURide events happening in Subic in May, since Gran Fondo literally translates to the Italian word, “Big Ride.” Just like the first leg, the second leg of the cycling festivities offers various events for different riders.

For beginner cyclists, join the non-competitive Grand Fondo in 30, 60, or 100 kilometers, which will push your endurance limits to the extreme.

PRURide ambassador Gretchen Ho, who completed her first Grand Fondo 50 last year, shared that Gran Fondo events may not be as competitive as other events, but it gives riders the chance to appreciate many other facets of biking: the joy, the scenes, and the camaraderie.

And for the pros and those who’d like to witness the pros grind on the road: the PRURide UCI 2.2 Stage Race—the highlight of the event. More than 20 teams from across the globe will be sweating it out in a three-day race that will wind around Subic and Bataan.

Here is the list of the categories for Subic:

May 24-26: UCI 2.2] Stage Race
May 26:
Gran Fondo 30 km (May 26)
Gran Fondo 60
Gran Fondo 100
Masters 20 to 29
Master B 30 to 39
Master 40 and Above
Women’s 20 and Above



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Despite busy work schedules, it’s important to squeeze in some time for your nearest and dearest to keep your family ties strong.

For most people, they only get to do quality family time on weekends so they make the most out of every chance they can get.

Aside from your usual weekend routine, there are other things you can add to your plans that will surely make family time more fun and exciting especially for the little ones. Spending it at the second leg of PRURide PH 2019 on May 25-26 in Subic is a fine example.

The cycling races like the master’s race, Gran Fondo, and UCI 2.2 stage race are already a given, but these are not the only things you can look forward to at the event.

Families can bond over food from the stalls in the PRURide PH hub at Harbor Point in Subic and take part in group exercises and Zumba sessions afterwards. Once they have cooled down, the kids can enjoy a face painting session and arcade games that will get their hearts pumping. They can also join the Strider Cup, a balance bike race for little kids, on May 25 or try out the Kiddiemoto bikes on May 26.

What better way to cap off a night than jamming out to the incredible songs of Gracenote and Callalily? Without a doubt, the next part of PRURide PH 2019 is set to become a perfect way to bond with your loved ones as you get inspired to make health a top priority. To know more about the biggest cycling fest in the country, visit



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