USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE-2) – January 16, 2018

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USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE-2), a Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ship, is the third ship operated by the United States Navy to be named for Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who acted as guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and one of the few United States Navy ships named for women.

USNS Sacagawea (T-AKE-2)

The contract to build her was awarded to National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO) of San Diego, California, on 18 October 2001. Construction began in September 2004 for a scheduled delivery in early 2007.

She was launched in June 2006. Two of Sacagawea’s descendants, Lucy Diaz and Rachel Ariwite, were the ship’s sponsors. USNS Sacagawea is one of 14 Lewis and Clark class dry cargo ship and is part of the 14 ships that comprise the United States Marine Corps Maritime Prepositioning Program.

source: en.wikipedia.org/

Image source: shipspotting.com

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