South China Sea

With world busy fighting Coronavirus, China quietly builds installations on Philippine-claimed reefs

March 24, 2020 | China | Kagitingan Reef | Philippines | South China Sea | Subi Reef | West Philippine Sea

While the rest of the world is busy battling the coronavirus pandemic, China, where the virus originated, has taken advantage of the countries’ preoccupation by building new facilities on Philippine-claimed territories in West Philippine Sea.

US carrier patrols South China Sea, docks in Manila

April 12, 2018 | Military | Ships | South China Sea | United States | USS Theodore Roosevelt

MANILA, Philippines — A United States aircraft carrier displayed military power while patrolling the disputed areas in the South China Sea before docking in Manila yesterday for a scheduled port visit. by Jaime Laude A sailor inspects an FA-18 Hornet fighter jet during training on the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt in the South China Read More