Fly around the Philippine Islands with a Seaplane

The beautiful Philippines is made up of more than 7,200 islands, making the country absolute Sea Plane Territory. Our airports are congested, there is too much traffic on our runways and too much traffic on our roads going to the airport. It makes perfect sense to take to the water for take-off and landing.

Seaplane Taking off at Buswanga Bay
Seaplane at Subic Bay
Seaplane at Subic Bay, Philippines

From Subic going to Manila NAIA airport by car, for example if I need to catch a 12:00pm noon flight – I work back… to be there 2 hours before take off, so 10:00am departure in the car. From the edge of the city into Makati 2 hours if we do really well, so 8:00am. Then 2 hours from Subic to the edge of Manila 6:00am, and one hour contingency means a 5:00am departure, so we are out of bed at at 4:00am. From a 4:00am start through to a 12:00pm take off…. eight hours later as I tiredly look out the window of the plane and see Subic Bay Olongapo going beneath us.

Using Sea Plane airline Air Juan, I can take a flight from Subic Bay International airport that is now deserted but fully functional. No traffic, no queues. We take off at around 6:35am and before long we are flying over Corregidor. The Philippines is so very scenic at 10,000ft rather than 30,000ft the height where the large jet-liners fly. We touch down on the water of Manila bay just 25 minutes later and we are standing in Manila at 7:00am.

Fly around the Phillipine Islands in a Seaplane
Explore the Philippine Islands on Seaplanes

First we enjoy Starbucks Coffee first that is within walking distance of the port. Then we browse the nearby Mall Of Asia for a couple of hours before leisurely making our way over to the NAIA international airport. This honestly does not cost any more than hiring a car and driver, plus paying the tolls on the S-TEC and NLEX then sitting in traffic panicking that you might miss your flight.

The planes are brand new Cessna aircraft and the pilots are very professional. They are a mixture of Canadian, Australian and American pilots who are doing a great job training fine Filipino co-pilots. Definitely I feel safe flying in these sea planes in The Philippines.

Horizon Sun Charters Seaplane Pilot

Another interesting Sea Plane service in The Philippines is Horizon Sun Charters operating as an up coming Charter business in Busuanga Island in Palawan. This carrier offers transport between the island resorts, Scuba Dive & Fly, and charters to wherever you might want to go nationally.

Spirit of Buswanga at Subic Bay Freeport


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