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Xerografix Business Products & Services

We are like human body. Many parts. Working singly. Yet working together as one!

Xerografix’s success is driven by our no.1 corporate goal for customer satisfaction – “Customer 1st”.

We earn our customers’ loyalty by applying the culture of team work like the human body with many parts. We work individually, yet we work together and help solve problems using the basic PDCA – “Plan-Do-Check-Action” working cycle. Basically, we also maintain and organize our workplace using the 5S: Sort-Systemize-Sweep-Standardize-Self-Discipline.
Xerografix offers its customers quality products, reliable and effective after-sales full service package and warranty support. Xerografix is a managed channel partner of Fuji Xerox products and services such as digital multifunction copiers, printers, and XES(Xerox Engineering Systems). We are also an authorized dealer of Norde International, distributor of EPSON top of the line COLOR LARGE FORMAT MULTIFUNCTION PRINTERS and other finishing products. We also offer one of the best digital duplicator brand – DUPLO Digital Duplicators and other top of the line business products.

Yet Xerografix is more than all of these. The company engages its many parts to support your needs where you need it most. Xerografix prides itself on delivering efficient , cutting edge, cost effective technologies that helps clients achieve their business goals. It is this dedication to reliable and excellent customer service that has earned us the trust of our satisfied clients.

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