Aetas of Pamulaklakin Binictican

The Aetas people are a treasure to the community of Subic, being a truely native people of Binictican hills in Subic Bay Olongapo. The Aetas are a warm and friendly people, they are small in size and uniquely unlike most other Filipino they have tight curly hair.

Pamulaklakin Forest, Binictican - Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Pamulaklakin Forest, Binictican – Subic Bay Freeport Zone

The tribe’s area is known as the Pamulaklakin trail and is a popular destination to visit for little money. They live in one of the few remaining untouched rainforest areas of The Philippines, here in Subic Bay Binictican.

Binictican Forest Pamulaklakin River
Binictican Forest with beautiful veil piercing sunlight.

The area has a wonderful stream running through it and a good number of family sites that are relatively private from one another available for you to occupy either for the day or even for an overnight stay. You can choose if you would like to have a guide or not, and one will take you for a tour around the bush while demonstrating survival tactics, while explaining things like the different plants that can be used for medicines or protective uses etc. They will show you how they steam rice inside bamboo and cook fish on the fire. You will need to bring your own supplies and the people will gladly demonstrate bush cooking served on traditional banana leafs.

Bamboo cooked Rice Yummy Bamboo Rice
Delicous bamboo cooked rice at Binictican, Subic Bay.

Aeta Tribe Chief JR.
JR the Grandson of the Aeta Tribe Chief sitting in front of his rock art creation at Pamulaklakin Forest, Binictican

The chief of the tribe still proudly wears his traditional red outfit and happily poses for photos with tourist visitors. You really cannot get a more authentic people and chief. Another person worth a mention is ‘J.R’ who is the chiefs grandson. JR is just a wonderful friendly young man who we have grown close to over the last three years we have been visiting Binictican.

Like most Filipinos Aetas love Lechon, they love preparing and coal-fire roasting it. You can request to have one made available for pick-up cooked, or for even more fun have them bring a raw prepared pig to your home for cooking there. If you arrange it in advance and if you are planning to spend a whole day in the forest with them, they would even cook it for you right there on a coal fire beside the stream.. so you can enjoy the feeling and aroma, snooze while listening to the trickling water all day until you are just too hungry.. then served not a moment to soon. It is beautifully done and will be one of the most memorable Lechon’s you have ever tried.

Pamulaklakin Rock Art
Sweet Pamulaklakin Rock Art

There is a village of small houses in binictican that the Aetas live in at the top of the hill above the trail. It is known as Pastolan, and the people warmly welcome mountain bikers and ATV adventurists. Each night after working in there forest trail stalls and as guides the people no matter how old or small they are, make their way on foot back up to the village taking aver an hour at a slow pace.

Closer to the trail entrance is the housing division simply known as Binictican, that has many houses that are available for rent while you visit the area. The main company operating holiday house rentals is Subic Homes. There are also a number of homes for sale in Binictican should you love it here to much to leave!

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