The Single’s Guide to Valentine’s Day: 14 Ways You Can Practice Self-Love on a Budget This February 14, 2020!

Posted 2 years ago

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Sa mga single dyan, sawang-sawa na ba kayo na laging walang plano sa February 14? We’ve got you covered.

Valentine’s is a wonderful time of the year to celebrate love. It’s a time for people to show love and receive love from their special someone (#SanaAll). We’re incredibly happy for the all the awesome couples spending Valentine’s this year.

On the other hand, if you’re single, you don’t have to miss out on the fun. Because if there’s one person who deserves your love on the 14th, it’s you!

Self-love is just as important as romantic love on Valentine’s. To help you out, we came up with this list of great ideas of how you can practice some self-love on this special day without breaking the bank!

Cook for yourself.

If you love eating good food, cooking is an extremely therapeutic way to satisfy your cravings on a budget! You’ll find so many available quick and easy recipes online. You’re bound to feel like a champion after learning how to make a winning dish, and it’s definitely a lot cheaper than eating out!

Try a new fun workout!

Working out can be a lot more exciting nowadays with so many new options available. With spinning, rowing, dance, martial arts, wall climbing, archery, and other crazy programs popping up lately, there’s bound to be something for you. Most walk-in classes for these usually go for under 500php. Feel good about yourself by having fun while staying healthy this Valentine’s!

Look good this Valentine’s Day!

Looking good shouldn’t be reserved for impressing a Valentine’s date. It might be time to get a new haircut, go for a mani-pedi treatment, or go through your favorite skincare routine!

Do some tidying up.

Cleaning is something we often neglect amidst our busy lives. As the mess grows, so does the stress. It’s not too late to make Marie Kondo proud and come home to something that sparks joy for you. You might actually even find old things to sell for some quick money!

Make plans with your other single friends!

Who says you have to be alone on Valentine’s? Reconnect with your single friends, because they too deserve to be a bit less lonely today. Go out for some drinks, get dinner, and have fun!

Curl up with a new book.

When’s the last time you picked up a book? Sometimes, new knowledge and a great story are the best gifts you can give yourself. Good reads are always worth the small investment.
Read A Book

Take-out some comfort food and marathon a feel-good TV show!

Treat yourself to some fried chicken or pizza while watching some feel-good favorites like Brooklyn 99, How I Met Your Mother or Friends.

Go on a date with your parents.

If you’re itching to show the people in your life some love today, it’s a good idea to bring this to the people who loved you first. Make mom and dad feel loved by spending some time with them!

Take part in random acts of kindness.

Sometimes, being nice to yourself means being nice to other people. Someone out there may also be looking for love this Valentine’s Day! Hand out some flowers, hold open doors, and give away free hugs. With just a little extra effort, you might just make a random person’s day!

Jam out with your favorite instrument.

Music is something that heals the soul. Feel sawi? Feel especially single today? Jamming out will help you release all your feels! It’s time to channel your inner Taylor Swift and Ben&Ben.

Attend a local gig!

Don’t worry, it’s also fine if you don’t have the confidence to make your own music today. Why not enjoy the music of our very own local talent? You’ll be surprised to find so many accessible gigs around the city on Valentine’s!
Go To Gig

Stay off of social media!

All the Facebook posts and IG stories that surface on Valentine’s can have a way of making you feel super single. Spare yourself from those lonely feelings and give yourself a break from social media! Good vibes only.

Become tito or tita of the year!

Do you have younger nieces/nephews? Why not take them out on a fun activity? It’s finally your chance to secure your spot as their favorite tito or tita.

Get some beauty sleep!

TBH, the perfect way to the end the day. When’s the last time you got a solid night of sleep? Nothing beats waking up the next day feeling fresh!

Valentine’s 2020 isn’t just for the couples. It’s for everyone! Leave no room to negative vibes on the 14th. Everyone deserves love on this special day, and self-love matters just as much. Hope this list inspired some of your Valentine’s plans. Now it’s your turn—go make those plans, be kind to yourself, and give yourself the care you deserve this Valentine’s!

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The Single’s Guide to Valentine’s Day: 14 Ways You Can Practice Self-Love on a Budget This February 14, 2020!

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