5 surfing spots in the Philippines

Posted 6 years ago

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SURFING has become more and more popular in the Philippines and a lot of locals are now giving it a shot. Lucky for us Filipinos, there are actually a number of good spots in the Philippines to practice surfing. Beginners and pros alike are sure to have an exciting time as they ride some waves this summer in five of the best surfing spots in the Philippines.

1. Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

Siargao Island is not known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” for nothing with its strong waves from the Pacific Ocean that produces right and left hand breaks every intermediate to advanced surfers are dying to ride. Situated in Surigao del Norte, this popular wave has also gained attention in the international scene. Local and foreign surfers often flock to General Luna where the famous Cloud 9 can be found. Jacking Horse, Tuason Left, Rock Island, Stimpies and Pacifico are among the other popular breaks in the island.

2. Baler, Aurora

Baler is basically the birthplace of surfing in the country and is the most popular surfing destination for local surfers. Aside from it being the most accessible for locals since it’s only a couple of hours drive away from Manila, Baler also offers surfing spots fit for every surfer. Sabang Beach is suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers for its medium swell and gentle waves while Cemento Beach has the best waves in Baler for the more advanced surfers. Another famous spot is Charlie’s Point which offers medium-sized beach breaks for all surfers.

3. La Union

La Union is the closest to Manila which makes it the easiest to access by road and it is where surfers will find consistent waves throughout the year. San Juan is the primary surf beach in La Union and is best known for having three breaks: the Beach Break, The Bowl and The Point. Aside from San Juan, there are other few spots worth hitting like Carille which is only five minutes away from San Juan and is also one of the recommended surf spots for its long right hand point break. Other notable surf spots are Sunset, Bacnotan and Darigayos

4. Lanuza Bay in Surigao del Sur

Dubbed as the surf center of Surigao del Sur, Lanuza is also a must-visit surfing destination aside from the famous Siargao Island. Lanuza Bay in Cantilan makes big waves from the southern edge of the Northwestern Pacific typhoon belt during peak season with waves that could reach up to 15 feet. Surfing pros and enthusiasts can also drop by the town of Doot Poktoy, Punta and Sitio Badiang to experience world-class surfing.

5. San Antonio, Zambales

The province of Zambales is mainly known for its laidback beaches and nice surfing spots. San Antonio is the well-known surf spot in Zambales with its impressive south swell. San Narciso is perfect for experienced surfers as it is an A-frame beach with some strong currents while San Felipe gives long waves and consistent swell on and off seasons.


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5 surfing spots in the Philippines

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