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Liberation of Olongapo

Posted 5 years ago -

Liberation of Olongapo

Did you know that today in 1945, about 40,000 American troops marched towards Olongapo City in order to liberate it from the occupying Japanese forces?

It was near the end of World War II. Then President Jose P. Laurel had just issued an executive proclamation putting an end to the second Philippine Republic thus ending his term. The American troops were from the United States Army’s 38th Infantry Division and 34th Regimental Combat Team. They came ashore without any resistance in the town of San Antonio in Zambales and advanced toward Subic Bay.

They did not meet resistance until they attempted to cross the bridge spanning Kalaklan river in front of the hillside cemetery.

The battle did not last long though, and the American forces, with their superior number and armaments, prevailed against the occupying Japanese army.

Unfortunately, the Japanese forces, in the face of their impending loss, decided to lay waste to Olongapo before they retreated – leaving the place virtually destroyed.

As a result, Olongapo was re established inland from its pre-war site (where it still is now) and its former location transformed into the Subic Bay Naval Base, the US Navy’s largest supply depot outside the USA at the time.

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