Developments in Subic Bay – The Tele Empire Inc.

Posted 4 years ago

Since the establishment of Accenture Global Resource Center by Frank Holz in 1992, the Information Technology – Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) Industry in the Philippines has grown by leaps and bounds. Declared as the call-center capital of the world by the Los Angeles Times in 2015, the country has overtaken India as the top destination hub for call center companies worldwide.

Developments in Subic Bay – The Tele Empire Inc.
Projection published by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) showing how the revenues from the BPO sector will equal that of overseas remittances, which is the country’s current highest contributor to the economy.

As the largest and fastest growing industry in the country, the IT-BPO industry played and continues to play an indispensable role in providing quality employment and investment that benefit all parties involved.
It is with this development in mind that a new start-up chose to establish their operation in the heart of the Subic Bay Freeport.

The Tele-Empire Incorporated is a newly instituted Business Process Outsourcing company in the Central Business District of the Freeport. Their choice to occupy the structure that was once utilized by the Legend International Resort Limited Subic Bay as a hotel and casino bodes well since the Legenda Resort was once hailed as the foremost haven for high-rollers and tourists flocking in from across all corners of the globe.

Developments in Subic Bay – The Tele Empire Inc.
The former facade of Legenda Hotel and Casino before its closure in the 2000s. It’s name was a beacon of leisure and luxury for deep-pocketed and business travellers

Whereas the Legenda Resort was the best and only five-star hotel & casino in the SBFZ (a feat that is still yet unsurpassed to this day), The Tele Empire Inc. now serves as a first-rate back-office for online gambling operations in Asia. In addition to functioning as technical support for clientele from China, which is inarguably the biggest market in the world at present, the Tele Empire Inc. also services customers from South Korea and Malaysia – all of which total to about 28 clients.

With a very extravagant compensation and benefit package for its employees, Tele Empire has enticed an impressively culturally-diverse workforce. The company’s over 50 employees are composed of both Filipinos from around the country and expatriates from across Asia. With its skilled personnel equipped with the latest and topnotch hardware and software, the company is a capable developer and publisher of online gaming entertainment across operating systems.

Developments in Subic Bay – The Tele Empire Inc.
A sampling of some of the mobile gambling applications that Tele Empire services

Operated by both local and foreign investors, Tele Empire undertook the herculean task of rehabilitating the former casino and hotel. After over a decade of non-operation, the formerly lavish structure was left to the elements which rendered it unrecognizable from its previous opulence. After stripping the facility of its damaged fixtures and furniture, Tele Empire then proceeded to repair the building and its rooms – most of which are now being used as accommodation for their employees.

Renting the entire property at an appraised value of PhP3.6 million a month, the company managed to not only revitalize the long abandoned structure and its vicinity along the Waterfront Road which became somewhat of an blemish in the Central Business District for the past few years but also provided extremely lucrative employment opportunities for I.T. professionals in the Asia-Pacific region.

Developments in Subic Bay – The Tele Empire Inc.
The formerly decrepit halls and rooms of the Legenda Resort now functioning as a world-class Business Process Outsourcing center in the heart of the SBFZ

And although its place of business had a celebrated reputation for high stakes gambling in the past, The Tele Empire Inc. will not conduct actual gambling and restrict their operations to providing support services for online gambling.

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