MoruFunPH’s spankin new Kombi

Meet Goodies.


She’s MoreFunPH’s newly refurbished Kombi. Purchased from Gregg Hoffman of Vascos last July 2017, Goodies is a 1968 Volkwagen Kombi van. With an appeal that personifies Volkwagen’s reputation as “the people’s car”, the Kombi has a well-earned status as an icon of the 1970s.

Her gearbox has been completely rebuilt and the entire interior has been refurbished and reuholstered. In addition, she has been re-fitted with shiny new wheel-caps and white wall tires. And of course, it would be completely remiss of us to fail to mention the distinctive stickers that she has been adorned with, giving her even more of a character.

With her gull-wing doors that opens and closes with a smooth, buttery grace, we’ll be able to set up a mobile office or a stand to serve refreshments in (which is something we’re seriously considering for the coming summer season!). And of course, we’ll have contests with giveaways and several activities to help celebrate our brand and the car enthusiast community in the Freeport as well.

Expect to see her cruising around the Freeport in the coming days. We highly welcome photographs and admirers, so feel free to approach us and share in the love for classic Volkswagen automobiles.

Before and After

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